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Two restaurants with panoramic view for pampering your palates with the simple and genuine cuisine of our chefs, inspired by the traditional aromas and flavors of the Amalfi Coast.

Hors d'oeuvres

Tartare of tuna fish with avocado & toasted pine nuts
Tuna, avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley and toasted pine nuts

Marinated fresh Salmon with pink pepper & wild fennel
Salmon, pink pepper, wild fennel, sugar, salt

Sea food salad
Squid, octopus, shrimps, mussels, clams, alive oil, lemon and parsley

Fish scallops, scampi & king prawns au gratin with orange & lemon
Fish scallops, scampi, king prawns, breadcrumbs, lemon and orange

Beef carpaccio with arucola, parmesan ,walnuts, oil & lemon
Beef, arucola, parmesan, walnuts, olive oil and lemon

Roasted smoked fresh mozzarella "Ibsen"
Smoked fresh cheese, lemon leave and salmon

Bresaola cones with buffalo ricotta cheese with lemon flavor & honey
Bresaola, buffalo ricotta cheese, lemon, honey

Caprese salad
Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil and oregano


Rice & pasta

Sea food risotto
Rice, seafood, squid, shrimps, octopus, garlic & parsley

Homemade pasta with shrimps & bottarga
Flour, shrimps, arucola, parsley, garlic, bottarga and olive oil

Spaghetti with fresh clams
Spaghetti, clams, garlic, olive oil and parsley

Ravioli with smoked mozzarella, arucola & fresh tomato sauce
Flour, eggs, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, arucola and basil

Paccheri pasta with angler fish
Pasta, anglerfish, garlic, olive oil, parsaley and tomatoes

Trofie pasta with smoked mozzarella, & pistachios in parmesan crust
Pasta, smoked mozzarella, pistachios, Parmesan cheese

Spaghettoni di Gragnano with cherry yellow tomatoes & anchovy sauce of Cetara
Pasta, tomatoes, anchovy sauce, garlic & olive oil

Fettuccine pasta with lobster and cherry tomatoes (min. 2 people)
Flour, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, lobster


Fish main course dishes

Fried squid & shrimps with butterd courgettes
Squid, shrimps, courgettes flour olive oil and salt

Grilled mixed fish
Scampo, king prawns, swordfish, squid, olive oil ,salt and lemon

Tuna fish with sesame & apple vinegar reduction
Tuna, sesame, olive oil and apple vinegar

Fresh fish of the day

Sicilian king prawns rolled with bacon & balsamic vinegar reduction
King prawns, bacon, olive oil, salt, balsamic vinegar

Local fish with aubergines, smoked cheese, tomatoes & pesto sauce
Fish, tomatoes, aubergines, cheese, olive oil, salt and basil

Mixed fish casserole (2 persons)
Fish, squid, mussels, clams, king prawns, garlic, olive oil, cherry tomatoes and white wine


Meat main course dishes

Beef fillet with green pepper
Beef, pepper, flour and butter

Sliced Scottona beef with arucola & Parmesan cheese
Beef, arucola and Parmesan

Browned lamb chop with aromatic herbs
Lamb, olive oil, salt and herbs

Veal escalope with lemon sauce
Veal, butter and flour

Chateaubriand with "béarnaise" sauce (2 persons)
Chateaubriand, eggs, butter, estragon vinegar and pepper


Selection of mixed cheese


Vegetables of the day


Frutta e dolci

Fresh fruit of the season

Cake - Specialty of the day

Mixed ice cream

Crepes Suzette with vanilla ice cream

Fruit of the season flambé

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